Use and Care

Tropical Siesta Hammock  

1. How do I get into the Tropical Siesta™ Mayan Hammocks?

  • Sit with your back to the Tropical Siesta™ hammock, as if you are about to sit on a chair. 
  • Reach behind you and spread out the Tropical Siesta™ hammock before sitting.  This ensures you make full use of the space and your weight is distributed evenly. 
  • Now sit down and lie back! NEVER climb in feet first.

2. How do I lie in Tropical Siesta™ Mayan Hammocks?

Any way you want!! The most comfortable way is at an angle, this allows you to lie flat with better distribution of weight, lessening tension, and supporting your back for complete comfort.  Some of the wider Tropical Siesta™ hammocks (Family and jumbo hammocks) are best when lying across the center. Double, Family and Jumbo Tropical Siesta™ hammocks can sit two or more people in a variety of positions.  You can experiment and find your favorite.

3. How do I get out of Tropical Siesta™ Mayan Hammocks?

Why would you ever want to get out? Okay, in the event that you need to use a bathroom or eat we’ll tell you how. Swing your legs over the side and sit up.  Then standing hold the edges of the Tropical Siesta™ hammock and push yourself up and off.

4. How do I wash and care for my Tropical Siesta™ Mayan Hammocks? 
Click here to print these instructions!

Caring for your Tropical Siesta™ Mayan Hammock
Besides loving it here are some things that will help your hammock last as long as possible.

Storing your Tropical Siesta ™ Mayan Hammock:

1. To store your Tropical Siesta ™ hammock, grasp end loops and twist each end in opposite
directions until the entire length of the hammock is twisted tightly. You can do this alone with one loop still attached or with a partner.

2. When it is twisted, hold it above your head, so that it is clear of the ground and it will spin
and wrap around itself like skein of knitting yarn.

3. You can then hang it by the end loops from one hook (if it is indoors) or tie with cord in a
couple of places, tuck in end loops and store.


Washing your Tropical Siesta ™ Mayan Hammock:

1. Hand wash in mild detergent (colors may bleed some)

2. Always tie up arm strings to avoid tangles. For best results, put it in a pillow case and tie the pillow case closed.

Weathering and repair of your Tropical Siesta ™ Mayan Hammock:

1. Weather:

Tropical Siesta ™ hammocks last longer if not left out exposed to the elements.
Cotton Tropical Siesta ™ hammocks are more durable than synthetics (nylon) which
break down under the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The Nylon hammocks handle precipitation
better than the cotton hammocks. Still, it is best to store your Tropical Siesta ™
hammock indoors when not in use

2. To repair:

Should a string break on an open wave Tropical Siesta ™ hammock, it will not run,
however, you must tie the two broken ends together to avoid the development of a hole.

Click here to print these instructions!