Tropical Siesta® Authentic Alpaca Queen Sized Striped Colored Blanket

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Our Tropical Siesta® Alpaca Blankets are the perfect accessory to our signature hammocks. Who says you have to live in a warm climate to enjoy a hammock?

Alpaca fur is a very unique wool that is hypoallergenic, and very lightweight. The Alpaca Blankets are extremely soft and are comparable to the fineness of cashmere and the smoothness of silk. Even though they are lightweight they are five (5) times warmer and three (3) times stronger than sheep’s wool, making our Alpaca Blankets perfect for a chilly afternoon in your hammock! So whether you use these blankets while you are relaxing in your hammock, nuzzling by a fire or as an extra blanket on your bed you will be warm and snug!

  • Authentic Alpaca Blankets, Made by Artisans in Ecuador
  • Incredibly Large in Size at 90" by 68"
  • Lightweight, Yet Extremely Soft and Warm!
  • 5X Warmer than Wool, 3X Stronger than Wool
  • Alpaca Fur is a Very Unique Wool that is Hypoallergenic
Specifications: 90in. X 68in. 7.5ft. X 5.7ft. Fits on Queen Sized Bed 5X Warmer then Wool Hypoallergenic 3X Stronger then Wool 100% Alpaca Fur Hand Washable or Dry Clean Ships World Wide Overnight Domestic Shipping Available