Wanna Know How to Hang Your Hammock?

Look no further! (Well, read further, at least).

1. How much space do you need to hang the hammock?

12-13 feet. If you have a space larger than that you can use extra rope. Check out our Tree Safe Hammock Hanging Straps to help you hang your Tropical Siesta™ Hammock!

2. How do i hang the hammock indoors?

You can hang your hammock wherever you desire inside, just make sure that you have
J‐Hooks and rope.

1. Hang your Tropical Siesta™ hammock from wall studs or ceiling beams.
2. Find center of stud or beam and with a power drill and screw in the J‐Hooks.
3. Suspend the hammock to hang symmetrically with both ends at the same height, using two equal
lengths of rope, (IF NEEDED to compensate for extra distance).
4. Then hang the Tropical Siesta ™ hammock!
5. The hammock should sag somewhat in the center, but not so much as to be uncomfortable to lie in, or
so much that it scrapes the ground when in use.

3. How do i hang the hammock outdoors?

You can use the side of your house or garage and a tree/sturdy fence post, or your own post. You may also
use your Tropical Siesta™ hammock between two trees, or one tree and one post.

If you are using the side of your house or garage and a strong fence post/tree:

~ The same materials are needed as if you were hanging your hammock inside. Make sure when you screw in your J‐Hooks you are using a stud in the wall.

If you are using two trees:

~ Try our Tropical Siesta™ Tree Safe Hanging straps

If you are using one or two posts:

~ You will need at least 8 foot tall post(s).
~ Place them at least 12‐13 feet apart (feel free to place them farther apart‐you can just use rope to compensate for the extra distance!)
~ Dig the posts 2‐3 feet into the ground and secure with cement
~ Give the cement time to set and dry and then screw in the J‐Hooks at a height that works best for the type of hammock you have.
~ Use rope to suspend the hammock between the two posts
~Your hammock is up! Now Feel Free To Relax

If you are using it on your sailboat:

~May be used on boat. (I.e. hung from mast to forestay)

~Tropical Siesta™ Tree Safe Hanging straps work great here as well!

4. What do the ends look like?

Why don’t we just show you a picture (CLICK HERE)... genius, I know!

5. Can I print these useful instructions?

Click here for a pdf file for easy printing!