General Info


1. I like the hammock in the picture; can I get that exact hammock?

No, each hammock is handmade and therefore no two can be exactly alike. We will do our very best to get you a hammock with the colors you desire. If you would like to see hammocks that we have in stock you can e-mail us and we will send you pictures of hammocks that fit your color choices.

2. Should I get Nylon or Cotton?

It depends. There are many advantages to each hammock. If you are primarily using your hammock inside or in dry weather the cotton hammocks are perfect. If you are going to hang your hammock outside and do not want to bring them in every time it rains the Nylon is perfect for you. It can withstand the elements better and is a bit more durable for rougher handling. With that said cotton hammocks, of course, can be hung outside- if you want them to last longer just make sure to bring them in when it rains! Take a look at this chart for more information

3. Do you have mayan mexican hammock stands?

Yes we do! Check out our Tropical Siesta Adjustable Hammock Stand. The only hammock that we can guarantee to fit our Tropical Siesta Mayan Mexican Hammocks! Check 'em out here!

4. Can you only get Nylon Hammocks in the double size?

No, all of our Tropical Siesta™ hammocks come in 100% Nylon. Take a look HERE to see them all.

5. What is the difference between warm and cool color schemes?

Warmer colors include yellows, oranges and reds. Cool colors include greens, blues and purples. Mostly our hammocks come with all those colors and it is very difficult to find a hammock that just has warm or cool. However, if you have specific colors you like tell us and we will find the hammock that matches your color choices!

6. What does “Surprise Me!” mean?

If you don’t care what exact colors are in your hammock we will send you a random multi-colored hammock, and hopefully you will love it as much as we do!

7. Do you combine shipping for multiple orders?

Yes we do, you can look at our shipping page for more details. If you are interested in buying wholesale please contact us!

8. What if my question isn’t listed on this page?

Contact us! We will get back to you as quickly as possible!

9. Is the model in the photos single?

Nope, she’s taken, sorry! But we are sure she’s flattered!