Breezy Point™ Mexican Mayan Nylon Jumbo Hammock

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The Breezy Point™ Mexican Mayan Jumbo hammock is our largest hammock. It will fit your family and your neighbors too! The Breezy Point™ Jumbo hammock has the most woven strings available to create the largest bed possible. The use of nylon, instead of cotton, gives it added strength and a brilliant sheen.

The special diamond weave design allows for maximum weight capacity but still nimble enough to bring on every family vacation. When you lie in this hammock you will quickly acquire company because this hammock is best used with others. Like all our other Breezy Point™ Hammocks the Jumbo hammock is also handmade. This hammock comes in hundreds of different color combinations.

If you need help picking a colorsize, or material please click here!

Specifications Length - 15 ft* Bed Width - 10 ft* Bed Length - 7 ft* Weight Support - 869 lbs Occupancy - 1- 5 people Materials: 100% Nylon Manufacturing: 100% Handmade in Mexico *All hammocks are different and will vary, minimally, in size and color