Breezy Point™ Mexican Mayan Nylon Double Hammock

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The Breezy Point™ Mexican Mayan Double Nylon Hammocks are handmade from the Yucatan peninsula. An ancient diamond weave that is passed down from generation to generation is what makes our Breezy Point™ Hammocks so comfortable and strong. The use of nylon, instead of cotton, gives it added strength and a brilliant sheen. 

The Breezy Point™ Double Nylon Hammock is the smallest of the three hammocks we offer, but by no means is it small! It is very comfortable for two people and is also ideal for traveling or bringing to the beach or park. You can hang it indoors, outdoors, or even on your sail boat. The Breezy Point™ Hammock is all you need to help you relax. This Breezy Point™ Nylon Double Hammock is ideal for comfort and comes in hundreds of different color combinations!

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Specifications: Length - 13.33 ft* Bed Width - 5 ft* Bed Length - 6.7 ft* Weight Support - 478 lbs Occupancy- 1-3 people Materials- 100% Nylon Manufacturing: 100% Handmade in Mexico *All hammocks are different and will vary, minimally, in size and color