Breezy Point™ Mexican Mayan Cotton Hammock Chair

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Breezy Point™ Hammock Chair:
Don’t have space for a hammock? Nonsense! There is always space for a Breezy Point™ Hammock, even if you live in an apartment! Check out our Breezy Point™ Hammock Chairs, which are handmade like our other products and can be put up anywhere, even inside!

So don’t sacrifice a perfectly relaxing siesta because you don’t think you have room. Instead embrace the possibility of investing in a chair that will leave you floating in the air as you enjoy a good book, or a quick snooze. So stop making excuses, because here at we try to give everyone the ability to feel free to relax!

If you need help picking a colorsize, or material please click here!

Specifications: Length - 5.28 ft* Wooden Bar Width- 40 inches Weight Support - 260 lbs Occupancy- 1-2 people Materials- 100% Cotton. Manufacturing: 100% Handmade in Mexico *All hammocks are different and will vary, minimally, in size and color