Breezy Point® Mayan Mexican Cotton Matrimonial Hammock

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The Breezy Point® Point Matrimonial Hammock is sized just perfectly for two people.  It is big enough to enjoy with a friend but still small enough to use by yourself as you read your favorite book or for a relaxing siesta. Handcrafted using an ancient diamond weave, along with many tiny strings to fabricate a strong and comfortable hammock. The Breezy Point Matrimonial hammock can be used indoors or outdoors and provides a large enough bed for you alone or with that special loved one. Porches, rooms, yards, and beaches are the best places for this hammock; they can be hung up virtually anywhere. This hammock comes in hundreds of different color combinations including our signature mono-color off-white hammocks. Specifications: Length - 13.1 ft*. Bed Width - 5.3 ft*. Bed Length - 6.6 ft*. Weight Support - 543 lbs. Occupancy- 1-2 people. Materials: Bed 100% Cotton. End Strings 100% Nylon. Manufacturing: 100% Handmade in Mexico. *All hammocks are different and will vary, minimally, in size and color.

Specifications: Length - 13.1ft* Bed Width - 5.3 ft* Bed Length - 6.6 ft* Weight Support - 543 lbs Occupancy- 1-2 people