Breezy Point™ American Style Mayan Mexican Hammock

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The comfort and beauty of an authentic Mayan hammock.  The familiarity of the American style hammock.  The Breezy Point™ American Style Mayan Hammock combines both into a truly unique hammock.

Breezy Point™ Mexican Mayan Hammocks are handmade in the Yucatan Peninsula.  Each string of cotton is threaded by hand meticulously to form the signature diamond weave that ensures comfort and strength.  Because each hammock is handmade, this means that no two hammocks are alike.  Its comfort is unlike any other hammock you have ever been in. The Breezy Point™ American Style Mayan hammock can be used indoors or outdoors and provides a large enough bed for you, your friends, or that special loved one. Porches, rooms, yards, and beaches are the best places for this hammock; they can be hung up virtually anywhere. The Breezy Point™ American Style Mayan hammock fits our Breezy Point™ 15 ft 3 Beam Hammock Stand.

Soft to the touch, they are incredibly strong! These American Style Mayan Hammocks can support over 800 pounds!
Available in Warm, Cool, Off-White, and Surprise Me! colors.

Specifications: Length - 3.6 meters / 11.81 ft Bed Width - 1 meters / 3.28 ft Bed Length - 2 meters / 6.56 ft Weight Support - 400 kilograms/869 pounds Hammock Weight - 3300 grs/ 6.95 pounds Materials: Bed 100% Cotton. End Strings 100% Nylon Manufacturing: 100% Handmade in Mexico All hammocks are different and will vary, minimally, in size and color