About Us

Staying Sharp LLC is a small company that is in the business of relaxation! Our Breezy Point™ Mayan Mexican Hammocks and Tropical Siesta™ Alpaca Blankets are our primary products that give our customers one of the best ways to enjoy a good book and a great siesta.

Tropical Siesta Mayan Mexican Jumbo HammockSince Mayan hammocks are thought to be among the most comfortable in the world, the demand for these exceptional hammocks has increased. As a result, several Hammock Companies have begun to mass produce Mayan Hammocks while losing authenticity and tradition in translation.

In contrast, our company, Staying Sharp LLC, guarantees original handmade Breezy Point™ Mexican Mayan Hammocks coming from the hands of Yucatan natives and Mayan descendants and authentic Tropical Siesta™ Alpaca Blankets made from artisans in Ecuador.

Our handmade Mayan Hammocks feature a diamond weave which has been passed down as a tradition for many generations. These Mexican Mayan Hammocks are one of the most comfortable due to their unique design, hand woven in a manner that allows the hammock to shape itself to your body and your comfort. This unique tradition, as well as careful craftsmanship, give these handmade hammocks their unmatched look, strength, and comfort.

Not only do we offer a great product but we offer some of the best prices! We work directly with artisans from the Yucatan and Ecuador to provide you with an authentic and favorably priced hammocks and alpaca blankets. Because, let’s be honest, you can’t relax when you’ve paid an arm and a leg!

Please browse our site and take a look at our hammocks and accessories.

We will continue to add to our site; giving you more options, more hammocks and more products that will finally let you 
feel free to relax!